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How do you feel about strawberries. I personally like them. They are a treat that we eat sliced or whole with drizzled honey. Did you know that the average strawberry has about 200 seeds on the outside. My kids always consider growing tomatoes in their tummies after eating the seeds.
A quick and effortless way to hull out your berries is to add a straw at the bottom of the berry and push it up through the stem.
When you are buying strawberries from the grocery store look for ripe berries that are firm and dry. The green hints should be refreshing, not wilted. Turn the box over and check it is dry. If the underside is moist or stained some of the berries may be overripe.
To keep the berries fresh for the longest amount of time, do not wash them when you bring them home. Put them in the refrigerator and store until ready to use. Wash them when you take them out to serve, or cook with.
Did you know that seven to eight medium sized strawberries makes a serving. In that serving you will have only about 22 calories. This could be one of the best kept fruit secrets of all time.
If tradition does not dictate strawberry shortcake for dessert try these variations.
Chopped or dipped in your favorite yogurt
Dipped in whipped cream, homemade is preferable
Dusted with a little confectioners’ sugar
However you eat your strawberries enjoy them in the understanding that they are healthy sweet treats.

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